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  1. Josh Martin
    Josh Martin Paul.R1
    Hi Paul,

    Do you still have that old widescreen CRT HP a7217 that you told people on Whirlpool about years back? Do you know who has it now? I'm trying to get my hands on one.

    Kind Regards,
  2. Barry Hart
    Barry Hart
    Design, production and engine development engineer.
  3. mikesbytes
  4. ohmygewd
  5. byknblood
    byknblood Colette
    Hi Colette, This is Alan, I'm trying to organise a get together this Sunday 8th April. Warren, Fran, Chris, possibly Dwight and myself.
    It is a ride, but if no bike, just meet at my place in Lesmurdie at 12 noon for a simple bbq, I supply food n drink.
    Hope to see you here, Alan.

    Ouch my bike bill hurts!!
  7. Andrew Lynn
    Andrew Lynn
  8. Andrew Lynn
    Andrew Lynn
    Hi. I am not sure whether this is a correct thread to introduce myself. If it's not then do spare :)
    PAPPACLART Andrew Lynn
    Welcome to the Forum Andew :-)
    1. Andrew Lynn
      Andrew Lynn
      Thanks mate :)
      Feb 27, 2018
  10. faffi
    Keep me posted about your schedule - hopefully I can make it east to meet you if you do not plan to cross the country :)
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      I will for sure. My only issue is that I am not a resident in Australia and I am waiting for my residency Visa application to go through, so can't leave the country until I know the answer. Its normally a 6 month process time but I am on my 18th month!! As soon as I do I plan to hit Europe straight away.
      Dec 9, 2017
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