want to buy a motard...

Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by sbyzfr1, May 29, 2015.

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    yeah seen them around and they look awesome - but always thought that they look like an expensive bike to service (don't know if i'm right or wrong)
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    sorry for late reply. the factory DRZ400SM is quite different to DRZ400. yes you could convert, but carb and engine top end are different, so you loose some of that dirt bike punch, and something in the front end is different and forks are different i think....
    DRZ400 in theory is much faster than DRZ400SM (tuned to last for many more KM), but the SM one actually works nicely on the street.
    If it was a regular road riding bike SM is nicer to own, if it's a few thousand k's a year (a bit of a toy) and you like the idea of going dirt wheels avoid the SM.

    LC4 is good except for vibes. OMG the vibes. Like, OMFG the vibes.... although I rode a DUKE or two (the KTM Duke, not a ducati...) and they were much much smoother, and proper quick too.... not sure what was different internally, but they were at least livable.

    Unfortunately I've had to work at a Husky dealer and deal with near new bikes blowing up... kinda put me off them. But, I think the 610 is prolly the most reliable.... but still, not a DRZ400 in terms of bullet proof reliability.

    Yes an XR650 would also be good, if you can find a nice one. prolly take a bit more fetteling to get it sorted for the street but would be a good result in the end.
    DR650/KLR650 is like riding a postie. Just no power, anywhere, ever. and no chassis either.
    Now Trev will tell you some MX guy won a thumpernats race on a DR650 once, and he did a 14 sec quarter on one wheel, i'm sure all of these things are true, but I couldn't live with one. Just no soul. And, DEFINITELY not a motard, no raw edge like a real converted dirt bike.

    Hope that made sense, I'm a little over tired...
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